Feral!Charles Masterpost

Okay here is the masterpost of feral!Charles.

So it started when I posted a request for pairing prompts and the lovely redwesteinde requested Erik/feral!Charles which I wrote here

Then boom, redwesteinde asked if I could possibly continue it. Which I did. 

Then I got bored and thought ‘Hey I might as well write some feral!charles for redwesteinde’ sooo I did

Annnnd then because I was bored (again) I asked the people of tumblr if they wanted more and to my surprise they did. 

So I sent a snippet to the lovely seitou

Then I sent a whole heap to redwesteinde, which the lovely darling organised here and then surfing-the-web wanted some feral!charles so I supplied it here and then the lovely lanasugarcat wanted some which I gave here 

Then I got bored at a Yugioh tournament which my sister and best friend were partaking in so I wrote some more

Then Julia (aka nieniekoto) wanted to more feral!charles, so I wrote her some more. (redwesteinde also wanted some more and this count but I’m probably going to give redwesteinde some more because of reasons)

So I wrote Tiere (redwesteinde) some more here, where Erik is a daft doofus and Emma is fucking awesome and Charles is a sneaky bastard.

Once again I asked the people of tumblr if they wanted some feral!charles and Alita (surfing-the-web) replied with an egear yes, so I wrote her some. Where Erik finally gets a clue and Azazel’s tail makes an appearance and Azazel and Emma are the best of buddies that laugh at Erik every chance they get.

Then Zimothy requested some and I sent it off and then thought, hell I might as well finish it and so I did. The whole 2010 words can be found here

And that is pretty much it. 

Of course, if you really want it, I’ll give you some more.

All you need to do is ask.

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