14 June, 2012

This was my initial thoughts on Prometheus when I saw it for the first time. Major spoilers under the read more if you haven’t seen Prometheus.

New day, haven’t touched this thing in awhile. I have much to talk about, particularly Prometheus. Holy shizstick Batman! That movie was…amazeballs. Like seriously. I’d see it again if I could. Needless to say I enjoyed it immensely. I jumped in a few parts (hey baby — yeah fuck you. you don’t act surprised when the face hugger crushes your arm NO YOU RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OR BETTER YET YOU DON’T GO IN THE BLACK GOO ROOM OF DOOM AT ALL. I liked you hoodie guy, that’s all. You too Mohawk guy). Then there was the badass women (fuck yeah. hello ms vickers, doctor shaw) Meredith Vickers and Elizabeth Shaw got shit done. Infected Ffield? Yeah fuck you he isn’t coming onto MY ship. Just cut a squid baby out of my body? Yeah fuck you I’m not resting I’ve got questions that need answering. Meanwhile, David is an adorable psycho android. Don’t touch pod of black goo? Yeah fuck you I’ve got science to do. Oh create a monster squid baby? Fuck yeah, screw jerk face Holloway. He had it coming. IT WAS IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE and to make my daddy proud. Then fuck you Ridley Scott VICKERS WAS FUCKING BRILLIANT — NO I DON’T CARE IF YOU LIKE SOLE SURVIVORS YOU DON’T DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT! SHE WAS SMART SHE WOULD HAVE ROLLED SIDEWAYS YOU BASTARD. I’m subtracting your reality and making my own. SHE ROLLS TO THE SIDE END OF DISCUSSION. really Ridley fuck you. I just really loved the female leads okay. THEY WERE WONDERFUL AND AMAZING AND SUGAR AND SPICE AND YOU CAN’T TELL ME OTHERWISE.