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It’s Wednesday! That means Wesley/Charles!

So, you know the drill. Like, reblog or comment on this and you get a Wesley/Charles fic. Brilliant isn’t it?

It’s Wesley/Charles Wednesday time!

You know what that means!

I write fic for whoever likes/reblogs/comments on this

I’m only an hour early (it’s 11:02 PM Tuesday my time so yeah only an hour early)

Happy Wednesday! (and Tuesday because you know, McFassy)

the taste of ink: Easy Target[ zombie apocalypse AU ]It’s been far too long. Wesley...


Easy Target

[ zombie apocalypse AU ]

It’s been far too long. Wesley hurriedly glances at his watch and makes a quick deduction; thirteen minutes. Charles has been gone for thirteen minutes. He looks down from where he’s perched and sees the vastly discoloured mass of walkers, staggering in no…