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Question time!

Rule 1 - Post the rules.
Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3 - Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
Rule 4- Let them know you’ve tagged them. 

Who tagged me; Nie

1. Describe yourself in one sentence.
I’m the girl that won’t shut up about my favourite things, whether they be McAovy or Michael Fassbender or XMFC, I will constantly try to put a reference in, and that is how I describe myself.
2. If you could have any tangible item, no matter how impossible, what would it be?
Hmmm. I guess I’d love to have an iTunes gift card so I can buy apps for my iPad (like procreate) and (if there is enough) some movies and/or songs
3. Recite your most favourite quote from a movie.
“You’re not alone Erik, you’re not alone.”
4. What are you currently doing, academically? If not, where do you work, what do you do?
I’m currently studying Graphic Design, will be finished in 6 or 7 weeks.
5. Do you have any pets?
My family has pets (we share them? I’ve never bought a pet) three cats (Baby, Monty and Fluffy) and one dog (Lady). Mmm there seems to be a pattern here.
6. A zombie apocalypse has occurred. You only have enough time to grab one item before you leave home. What is it?
Well I guess my iPod? Gotta have music while kicking butt (haha who am I kidding I’d die within the first five minutes)
7. Name two actors/actresses and a movie setting you’re like to see them in.
James Mcavoy and Michael Fassbender (obvious much?) hmmm. I guess I’d love to see them in a romance. Where they just gradually fall in love and have fights and they start a family a few years after they get married and then we see them deal raising their kids and basically we see their life story until they gradually die of natural causes and old age.
8. Your favourite colour.
Blue, it has always and always will be, blue.
9. Boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs?
Um. Briefs? Those are knickers right? /o\
10. Helmets, capes, or both?
Both? As long as I get to pick the colours. (Blue and silver all the way!)
11. What would you do if you ever met me in real life?
I’d probably just scream internally and fight the urge to hug you. And I’d probably screw the hellos and whatnot and just jump right into Wesley/Charles discussions. Along with all the other fandom-y stuff. Then you’d probably hate ‘cause I’d never shut up then.

New Questions;

1. X-Men or Brotherhood?
2. Loki’s Army or The Avengers?
3. What’s the most annoying thing about fandom?
4. Are you awake? BRRRRMMMM.
5. The movie you’re most excited to see this year?
6. The movie you’re most excited to see next year?
7. Favourite number?
8. Favourite type of fic?
9. Kitty!Charles or Kitty!Erik? Which would you rather as a pet?
10. If you had to ship me with someone (something) who (what) would it be?
11. If we could hang out for one day what would we do?

I tag: PJ, Tiere, Nie, Atlia, Talia, Zim, papercutperfect, lunac7, Sieotu and whoever wants to do this? (because I honestly don’t know 11 people off the top of my head?)

Another Wesley/Charles askfic masterpost

For everyone that liked or asked for it on the request post.

Papercutperfect’s fic, the one where Charles is a kindergarten teacher and Wesley enjoys crashing Charles’s classes

"God damn." 

Charles frowned disapprovingly at Wesley, hands on his hips. “Don’t say god damn, there are children present.” 

The children mentioned giggled amongst themselves. 

Wesley grinned. “Well shit, oh goddamn I said shit. Shit I said it again.” Wesley reckoned that Charles lost a strand of hair each time he swore in front of the children. “Have I said fuck yet?” 

And there it was, the I’m going to throw your arse out the window look. Wesley loved that look. He firmly believed that Charles didn’t get angry enough, it wasn’t healthy. 

"Wesley out. Now." 

Wesley continued to grin, not moving. 


He stomped at the urge to cackle in absolute delight. 

"Wesley if you don’t leave this instant I swear I’ll —" Charles stopped midway, Wesley could see he only just remembered that there were children present, and composed himself. "I’ll deal with you when I get home now leave." 

Wesley blew Charles a kiss, then left (absolutely pleased by the children’s pleas). Once outside Wesley laughed, and laughed. He didn’t stop until he was home and snuggled up in Charles’s favourite sweater and curled up on the couch. Tonight was going to be fun. Sex was always better when Charles was mad.

artie-redwood’s one where Charles and Wesley are cats in love

Charles was a proud cat. He was very smart (he always caught the mice, never killed them. He was nice like that.) and he loved his human, Erik. Erik took care of him. Always gave him tuna whenever he asked. He was proud and he loved his life. But what he loved most in the whole world was his twin brother, Wesley. 

They were separated a month or two after their birth. Some Fox lady had taken him. Charles had cried and cried when Wesley was taken. He had stopped eating. Stopped doing anything. Life wasn’t worth living if he couldn’t be with his brother. 

It wasn’t until Erik came into the pet store and had demanded to have even though Mr Shaw had said he was weak, frail, wouldn’t last the year. But Erik hadn’t cared for Mr Shaw’s excuse, he had wanted him. So Mr Shaw did just that and it had been the best thing to happen to Charles. Why? Well the Fox lady was living in Erik’s apartment building and she had been complaining that her newly acquired kitten wouldn’t do anything. Erik had listened, understanding that Fox couldn’t afford two kittens, so Erik had taken it upon himself to get Charles. Charles loved him for it everyday. Wesley was the most important cat in the world to him. Wesley had been ecstatic upon seeing his little brother. The two were inseparable ever since. Erik had even installed a latch to the window so that Charles could get out whenever he wanted to visit Wesley. 

He’s life was truly grand.

Lunac7’s one where Wesley is Wesley and Charles still a mutant but they are blocking his telepathy.

"Where is he?" Wesley tightens his grip on Sloan’s throat. "Give him back. Give him the fuck back." 

Sloan laughs — chokes when Wesley squeezes — his grin is twisted. Wesley wants to kill him, but he won’t. He has to find Charles. Has to. Charles was the only good thing he had left. 

"Go ahead. Give into your urges Wesley. You know you want to. Kill me." 

Wesley lets out a snarl. “Where is Charles?! Where is my brother!” 

Solan doesn’t even fucking blink. So Wesley punches him, feeling good by doing something. He punches Solan over and over. He just wants Charles back. Charles shouldn’t suffer for his mistakes. 

"Just give me my brother. Give him back to me." 

Solan is laughing, and Wesley can’t take it anymore, he falls to his knees, clinging to Solan’s shirt. “Please. Fucking, please give me my Charles back, please.” 

It kills Wesley’s pride but Charles worth more than anything in the world, the universe. He loves Charles too much. Solan smiles showing all his teeth. 

"The Repairman has him." 


Not him. 

Not to Charles. Not his Charles. 

"You should have done what you were told Wesley. None of this would have happened." Wesley slits Solan’s throat. 

He was going to kill them all.

PJ’s one where Charles and Wesley are female and they run a cupcake store.

"Get up." 

Wes grumbles into her pillow, hugging it tight. “Fuck off.” 

Charlotte’s laugh is pretty, but Wes didn’t need this, it was too fucking early. 

"Come on grumpy bum. We have cupcakes to bake!" 

Wes hugs her pillow even tighter. Fuck the cupcakes. Fuck the clients. She wants to sleep. “mmrrph.” Charlotte’s poking her side now, bitch. 


She bolts up, tackling Charlotte so that they nearly topple over the edge of the bed. Wes presses her lips against Charlotte, cupping Charlotte’s face with her hands. 


Charlotte laughs, pulling away. “No one’s here love.” 

Wes presses a kiss to Charlotte’s forehead “Doesn’t matter. We agreed a gazillion years ago to never speak of that name. We even wrote it down on stone. It’s set in stone Charlotte.” Wes speaks in a stage whisper. “Set in stone!”  

Charlotte laughs, pressing their foreheads together. “Alright, alright now get dressed. We have a busy day today.” 

Wes grumbles, linking their hands together. “Who have we got today?” 

Charlotte lifts their linked hands and presses a kiss to them. “Sebastian’s and Emma’s baby shower, Azazel’s paintball tournament.” 

Wes grins at the mention of paintball. Charlotte looks amused. 

"You reckon he’ll let me play when we deliver it?" Charlotte pushes Wes off her and off the bed. "I’m sure he will. You are excellent with a paintball gun. Now get dressed." 

Wes does and later she is the last person standing having gunned down all the competition. 

Even Azazel. 

kakabestplayer’s one where Wesley writes children’s books and Charles is not impressed

Wesley was quite proud of his seventh released children’s book ‘Go to sleep or the loom will get you!’ it was part of the ‘Loom Collection’. 

Other titles include; ‘Do your chores or the loom will get you.’, ‘Sharing is caring, the loom is not’ and ‘Bullying is bad. The loom will help you.’ 

Parents love him. Children adore him. Charles was not impressed with him. 

"Why aren’t you happy for me?" 

Charles sighs, in that suffering way of his “I’m happy for you but honestly Wesley how are children suppose to learn from them? The loom isn’t even real.” 

Wesley scoffs, crossing his arms. “Like Batman and a dozen million other childhood heroes.” 

Charles bits at his lip, Wesley can tell he’s taking careful consideration of what to say next. “You could do so much more.” 

"I’m teaching young children on what’s right and what’s wrong. Sometimes better than their fucking parents." 

It is at that moment Charles’s eyes light up, realisation hitting him. “Oh.” 

Then Charles begins to laugh. “I never - we really are similar aren’t we?” 

Wesley smiles, taking hold of Charles’s hand. “Yeah we are Prof.”

thiscontrolismine’s one where are hunters in the Supernatural universe. Charles is blind and one of the children chosen by Azazel.

"Charles swing!" 

Charles swings the iron crowbar. The ghost disappears. 

"Fuck." Charles laughs, a broken laugh and buries his face into his hands, letting the crowbar drop to the fall with a clatter. 

Wesley pauses in his movements before stumbling over to Charles. He is quick when pressing a kiss to the top of Charles’s head and pulling him into a one-armed hug. “Hey, it’ll be okay. You’ll see.” 

Charles laughs again, this time it sounds bitter, and pulls his hands away from his face. 

"I can’t see Wesley. How can I fight supernatural beings when I can’t see them." 

Wesley opens his mouth, then closes it, holding on tighter to Charles. 

"You’ve got me." 

Charles shrugs, dismissive. He won’t lie, that stings. 

"You won’t always be around." 

He wants to say bullshit but he can’t. 

"Well you’ve got your freaky mojo." 

Charles scoffs. “It doesn’t work on half the things we encounter.” 

Wesley sighs. “Well we’ll just have to do our best. Heighten your senses or something.” 

Wesley links their right hands together and squeezes tight. “I’m not going to let you die Charlie.” 

That’s a promise.

tsukikuchiki’s one where Erik is Wesley and Charles’s bodyguard

"Fuck off. Let me go. Charles help me!" Wesley hits Erik’s back harder and squirms, in attempt to escape. Charles just stands there and watches as Erik carries him into their room.

Erik isn’t even flinching. Fucking robot. 


Charles pinches the bridge of his nose. “Wesley, love, when are you going to learn? You only have yourself to blame.” 

"Oh fuck you." 

"Oh you will." 

Wesley splutters. Erik dumps him onto Charles bed, his bed covered in textbooks and other things, like knives. 

"Didn’t think you could go that red Mr Wesley." 

Wesley snarls, “Fuck you.” 

Erik laughs, turning towards Charles “I believe that’s your job?” 

Wesley splutters once more, hiding his face in his hands while Charles laughs. 

"It is. Thank-you for your help Erik."

jimmiejive’s one where Charles doesn’t want anyone but Wesley.

"He’s nice looking, smart too. You should ask him to dance." 

Charles frowns at Wesley, taking a swig of beer. “No.” 

"Oh come on Charles. Look at those cheekbones. That curly black hair. He’s totally your type." 

Charles snorts at that. “Sherlock Holmes is not my type and I’m pretty sure he’s taken.” He subtlety points out the two men staying close to Sherlock. Wesley waves his hand dismissively. 

"Fuck ‘em, you’re better than them anyway. Just give it a go." 

Charles shakes his head, cradling his drink closer. “For the final time Wesley. No.” 

Wesley throws his hands up in the air, looking irritated. “Why the fuck not Charles! You deserve to be with someone that loves you!” 

Charles laughs, or was it a sob? He can’t tell. “I love you! I don’t want anyone else! I WANT YOU.” 

Wesley doesn’t say anything. People are starting to look now. “I want you too Charles, I do, but we can’t. We really can’t.” 

Charles drowns the rest of his drink, slamming it onto the table. “Why should it matter what other people think? They should just fuck off and leave us alone.” 

One of the bouncers is approaching them, Wesley holds his breath. Charles turned violent when he drank. Much like their mother. 

"Charles you know we can’t. You know I’m —" 

"Excuse me, sir I’m going to have to ask you to leave." 

Charles stares the bouncer down, looking as mad as the bouncer believed him to be. Wesley tries again for Charles to see the truth. And some times the truth hurts. 

"You can’t be with a ghost Charles. No matter how much you want to." 

It hurts seeing Charles break down at those words but at least — maybe — Charles could finally move on. 

seitou’s one where Charles and Wesley go to Hogwarts with the golden trio.

"Why do we have to go to this stupid thing?" 

Charles sighs. “Because Umbridge is useless.” 

Wesley grins. “I love it when you insult teachers.” 

Charles scoffs, looking highly offended. “Umbridge is not a teacher she is a tyrant. So if we are going to learn anything we are going to these DA meetings.” 

Wesley stamps his feet, pouting. “But Potter is a fucking idiot. Why don’t you teach it instead.” 

Charles is torn between telling Wesley off and feeling flattered. “It’s the first real meeting and we’ve already signed up so we have to go.” 

Wesley lets out a huff. “Only signed up because you want me to learn things, and your damn puppy eyes look. And the whole spending time together is cut short. Me being in Slytherin and you being a Hufflepuff.” 

Charles laughs, pulling Wesley close to his side. “If you’re worried about them kicking you out I’ll give them an earful about house equality.” 

Wesley rolls his eyes “The only thing I’m worried ‘bout is Potter blowing me up.” 

Charles laughs again. “Harry isn’t that bad.” 

"Yeah but everyone loves you." 

Charles looks around quickly before stealing a kiss. 

"Yeah well I love you, and only you."

Nie’s one where Wesley has a tumblr. And shows his famous brother Charles.

"Hey Charles come look at this thing on Tumblr!" 

Charles looks up from his book, and at Wesley who is curled up on the couch opposite him, laptop balancing on the armrest. Charles stands and walks over, hovering over Wesley’s shoulder. 

"How do they know?!" 

Wesley laughs, and Charles wants to deck him one.

"This isn’t funny Wesley!" 

Wesley rolls his eyes and pulls Charles down for a kiss. Charles pulls away, pouting. 

"They don’t know Charles. They’re only guessing. Pretty damn good guesses too." 

Charles frowns. “You better not be telling them Wesley or so help —” 

"Don’t worry, they don’t know I’m on here. I’m posing as one of the haters." Charles looks confused so he continues "You know? Ahhh that’s so wrong! They’re brothers! What if Charles saw this! You should all be ashamed of yourselves! That sorta thing." 

Charles frowns disapprovingly. “You shouldn’t be so nasty.” 

Wesley laughs. “Would you rather I tell them the truth?” 

Charles opens his mouth and closes it. “No. Wait is that me in Paris?! No one was suppose to see those!” 

Wesley grins, pulling Charles down for another kiss.

Months later, when Charles has a press conference for some award show Wesley nearly dies of shock. 

"We have sex every morning." 

Oh tumblr was going to have a field day.

Fic: Never Let Me Go [For Papercutperfect & Tiere]

The Vampire AU continued with an actual title? Woo! For Papercutperfect & Tiere because they asked for it

Once upon a time there was two boys that dreamed of ruling the world. Both boys knew if they wished it hard enough they could achieve it. It is when they both die and begin anew they truly start their dream. It leads them all around the world; Italy, Russia, Philippines, Australia, The United Kingdom, Indonesia, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Fiji, New Zealand, France and Africa. Jumping from place to place, learning — always learning — the culture, immersing themselves. It isn’t until they return to their birthplace, The United States of America New York City, do they settle until the two thousands.

That doesn’t stop them adopting habits from their adventures. Charles had grown fond of the British accent so he kept it. Wesley didn’t bother with accents instead he kept the knowledge of weaponry. And if they both had a great fondness for German beer and Russia vodka they never told any of their ‘friends’. What was one more secret on the growing pile of manipulation, lies and secrets.

They are huddled in the far corner of a club, dubstep thumps above them. He doesn’t focus on that. He focuses on Charles. It’s always about Charles. Has always been about Charles. Except Charles is not focusing on him. Charles’s attention is drawn to a man tonight. He snarls under his breath. That earns him a sharp, warning, glance from Charles. He pushes down the urge to drop to the floor, crawl and kneel at Charles’s feet, and beg forgiveness.

"He’s not even good looking." That’s a lie but he doesn’t want to do this tonight. He just wants to spend the night with Charles and only Charles.

"I like him."

The words are out before he could stop them.

"You like anything with two legs and a fucking heartbeat!"

Charles doesn’t even blink, but at least he’s being paid attention to.

Charles is looking at him, thoughtful, calm and he spots a flash of amusement in Charles’s eyes.

"Jealously doesn’t suit you. I should smack it out of you."

He shivers, his chest warms with hope. Hope that Charles will keep his word. He wants to hurt. Wants to bleed. Wants to taste death. He wants pain. And he wants Charles to give him that. Wants it so desperately.

The way Charles is looking at him tells him that Charles knows exactly what he wants, exactly what he is thinking.

Charles’s hand feels warm on his cheek. He can feel as Charles rubs circles with his thumb.

"Wesley, darling, give me him tonight and I will be yours until the next century. Only yours."

A century is a long time.

He snatches Charles’s other hand and curls it around his bared throat. Charles smiles and squeezes. He chokes. He doesn’t care as long as he gets some pain. Charles loosens his hold, brushing away his stray strands of hair, he leans into Charles’s touch.

"Okay. Just leave me some."

Charles pulls him into a kiss, obviously uncaring if an audience was to form. 

When Charles pulls away he is smiling and that makes his heart beat faster. When Charles speaks, he speaks softly not wanting to be overheard.

"I love you. Thank-you."

Then Charles disappears onto the dance floor. He watches with a fond smile.

They feed on the man together. They fuck the man together. They make the man hurt together. They make him forget. Then they start over again. They do not kill him.

It was not Tony Stark’s time to leave the world. Tony would help those two boys, now men, conquer the world.

Then he would die.


Demon in Me’ - Wesley/Charles. PG-13.

It’s almost amusing how quickly people assume that Wesley is the dangerous one.

Sure, he prefers to drape himself in worn leather jackets as apposed to frumpy old-man cardigans; his hair is shorter and sticks up in choppy tufts at the back of his head, whilst Charles’ hangs into his eyes and flops around in a way that seems genetically pre-designed to drive women - and some men - crazy. Wesley carries knives in his pockets and guns stuffed down the back of his pants; Charles, books and china teacups, fountain pens forever tucked behind his ear.

Wesley can bend bullets and slow time - flashy, perhaps, though it’s always gotten the job done thus far. The Assassin that never misses and fires with an apology on his lips. Even with his target hidden from view, those bullets will twist and turn and, inevitably, find you. Charles is always eager to watch him practice, setting up mannequins in the bunker and smiling secretively behind the rim of his teacup whenever Wesley asks where he got them from.

But despite all of that, the bullets and the scars and the leather - he isn’t the dangerous one.

Wesley can shoot you. Charles can make you shoot yourself.

And he could make you want to do it, to pick up the gun and press it firmly to the soft skin at your temple. He could make you crave the silence of death, that split-second bite of metal through your flesh. He could make you shoot every person you care about first, and with a smile on your face.

All that with a single thought. He wouldn’t even need to stand up or put down his book.

And it’s this that makes Wesley snort with amusement whenever people look upon the twins and immediately tense around him, their eyes wary and guarded. People gravitate easily to Charles‘ smiles and open kindness, stepping over themselves to put distance between them and the crazy American brother.

If only they knew how scary a place the world would be if they were to unleash Charles upon it.

I think I love you *_______*

You’ve gone and nailed Charles on the head and done it so terrifyingly. This gives me chills. Because, Charles really is the more dangerous one.



The Wesley/Charles Wednsday askfics Masterpost

So I thought ‘Hey it’s Wesley/Charles Wednesday — the first ever! — and I want to do something’ so I went ahead and asked you guys if any of you wanted some Wes/Charles in your ask. I didn’t so many of you to actually say yes. I did assume two of you (coughniepjcough) would and you did but then I was surprised by so many others. So without further ado I give you all the fics in:

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Quality right here.

Quality right here.

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